Crawling the Walls (2008)
Take the Gamble (2006) You Don't Love Me (2004)
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Latest news:

November '12:
Fat Rabbit Studios website is now up and running @ Please check it out! Starting preproduction for the new Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans album to be recorded in December.

October '12:
Brand new releases from Michael Bram as well as Dennis Gruenling from the VizzTone Label Group. Traveling with Gina Sicilia through the midwest the second half of the month.

August/September '12
On the road with Gina Sicilia in Bethlehem, PA for Musikfest, New England, Northeast and Atlanta, as well as performing in Ireland & Switzerland on drums w/The Chris O'Leary Band. Look for Michael Bram's upcoming release, "Suitcase in the Hall" and Dennis Gruenling's "Rockin' All Day" both on the VizzTone Label Group in October!

June/July '12:
On the road with Gina Sicilia for New England, midwest, and southeast tours! The Chris O'Leary Band's new album, "Waiting For the Phone to Ring" is available June 26th on the VizzTone Label Group, and Debbie Davies' new album, "After the Fall" is available July 17th on M.C. Records.

April/May '12:
Mixing session for Dennis Gruenling's upcoming album, traveling to Memphis for the Blues Music Awards, and on the road playing bass with Albert Castiglia.

February/March '12:
Mixing sessions for Debbie Davies, Michael Bram, and Chris O'Leary's upcoming albums!

January '12:
Mixing sessions for Michael Bram's upcoming album, recording a new Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans single, and traveling to Park City, Utah to perform at the Access Film-Music Festival with Gina Sicilia during the Sundance Film Festival!

December '11:
Mixing sessions for Brad Hatfield's upcoming release, as well as more recording sessions for the upcoming Chris O'Leary Band album.

November '11:
Began recording sessions with Brad Hatfield, from Cincinatti. Also began production for the new Chris O'Leary Band album.

October '11:
Produced, engineered & recorded Gina Sicilia's Christmas single, "Shine Down on Us", mastered by one of my idols, Gavin Lurssen! Traveled to Chicago to perform at Evanston SPACE as well as the Blues Blast Music Awards at Buddy Guy's Legends.

September '11:
Had a week long tour with Gina Sicilia in Caliornia (San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento & Bakersfield), several festivals in the Northeast, sessions with Michael Bram, and finished mixing Christine Santelli's upcoming release.

August '11:
Performed at a number of venues/festivals in the New England area with Gina Sicilia, as well as having the great opportunity to open for Joan Osborne in NYC.

July '11:
Got to shoot a music video for Gina Sicilia's song, "Addicted", with industry heavyweight, Tanya Ryno! Video will be officially released August 4th. Heading up to Rockland, ME for the incredible North Atlantic Blues Festival. This is one of the greatest festivals in the country, and thrilled to be performing! Had the privilege of visiting the Gibson guitars showroom in NYC, and am proud to say that I am a Gibson Artist!

June '11:
Tours w/Gina Sicilia through upstate NY, stopping up in Toronto to perform at the Waterfront Blues Festival. Then down to FL: Tallahassee, Delray Beach, Bradenton & Orlando. More sessions with Michael Bram, and started a new album with Dennis Gruenling, as well as Christine Santelli. Proud to announce that Gina Sicilia has been nominated for a 2011 Blues Blast Music Award for the "Sean Costello Rising Star Award". VOTE HERE!

May '11:
Down to Memphis, TN for the 2011 Blues Music Awards, Matt Hill wins for "Best New Artist". Very proud to have worked on Matt's album with Bob Margolin. More sessions w/Michael Bram. Brad Vickers' CD release, plus an opening date for John Hammond. Gina's album charted at #14 on the Living Blues Radio Charts! Gina's song "Gimme a Simple Song" peaks as high as #90 on the top downloaded singles on, out of over 15,000,000 songs!

April '11:
Performing at the Berks Jazz Fest w/Gina Sicilia, on the road w/Albert Castiglia, tracking/mixing album for Marty Osterer, and lots of tracking sessions w/Michael Bram. Gina's album charted at #11 on the Living Blues Radio Charts!

February/March '11:
Looking forward to the month long US tour with Gina Sicilia, as well as her official CD release, XM Radio interview/session, NBC 10 Philadelphia live performance, among many other events. Incredibly excited to start on Michael Bram's new album this month.

January '11:
Thrilled to be performing on the January 2011 Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise w/Debbie Davies & Gina Sicilia.

November/December '10:
Finishing up all tracking/mixing/mastering sessions for Gina Sicilia's. third release, Can't Control Myself, scheduled to be released on the VizzTone Label Group on March 1st. Matt Hill's On the Floor has been nominated for "Best New Artist" at the 2011 Blues Music Awards. Congratulations!

September/October '10:
More traveling/recording with Gina Sicilia. Down to North Carolina for a couple of festivals, and a benefit for the wonderul Robin Rogers.

August '10:
Started tracking in the studio with Arne Englund, with some special guests.

July '10:
Off to the Kalamazoo Blues Festival, to perform with Gina Sicilia.

June '10:
Began preproduction & tracking for Gina Sicilia's 3rd release.
Performances late in the month in Texas: Waco, Houston & Dallas.

May '10:
Off to Memphis for the 2010 Blues Music Awards!.

February/March '10:
Finished mixing/mastering sessions for Brad Vickers.

January '10:
Began tracking for two albums with Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans.

December '09:
Release of Mike Frensley's "Betty Bones", which Dave produced & played the majority of instruments. Began working in the studio with Jon Justice on his 3rd release

October '09:
Dave has been featured in the new issue of Guitar Edge Magazine.

10/24: Atlanta, GA performing at a tribute concert for the late, great Sean Costello.
10/25: Asheville, NC at the Diana Wortham Theater.
10/29: Chicago, IL at Buddy Guy's for the 2009 Blues Blast Music Awards.
10/31-11/23: on tour with the great Jon Justice, pretending to be a drummer.

June '09:
Just got word that Dave was nominated for a 2009 Blues Blast Music Award for the "Sean Costello Rising Star Award"! This is a HUGE honor, and could not have done it without all of the incredible musicians who played on the album, as well as the VizzTone Label Group!

The new album, "Crawling the Walls", has charted #12 for 11/08, #11 for 12/08 & #22 for 1/09 on the Living Blues radio charts! In addition, it has charted at #9, #30, #24, #10 & #29 for 11/08, 12/08 & 1/09 on the Roots Music Report radio charts!

Stay tuned for a number of new reviews to be posted!

10/24/08: Dave's new album, "Crawling the Walls", will be officially available everywhere on October 28th, 2008!

10/23/08: Launch of new website!

Dave has been in and out of the studio all throughout the year. Look for many new releases that he's been a part of (production, playing on, and/or engineering) . Aside from his own new album, "Crawling the Walls", some of the albums he's been involved with include Gina Sicilia's 2nd release "Hey Sugar", Christine Santelli's upcoming 7th album, Matt Hill's debut release, Brad Vickers & his Vestapolitans' first release "Le Blues Hot", Mike Frensley's debut album, the Kraft Quartet's newest release, & several others.

Catch Dave's 2007 BBC Radio session online at the BBC2 website. You can stream the entire show, as well as listen to the exclusive bonus track they're offering. While you'll over there, click on the photo gallery to see what it was like inside BBC Studios --- you can almost smell the Beatles!!!

Check out the new video on YouTube filmed by a fan at the 2007 Montreal Jazz Festival! Performing the Elmore Jame's song, "You Gotta Move". To view the video, follow this link: Dave Gross on YouTube.

7/10/07: Dave's 2nd CD, "Take the Gamble", has been released on the VizzTone Label Group. The CD is now available in many stores, and online wherever you shop! Along with Dave, other artists on this label include Bob Margolin, Gina Sicilia, Monster Mike Welch, and Pinetop Perkins.

*** Dave has just received his first Blues Music Award nomination for "Best New Artist Debut"!!! This is a distinct and prestigious honor. Head on over to the Blues Foundation's site to vote for Dave's new record, "Take The Gamble". ***

10/22/06: Dave has reached the #1 spot for the French CRB Blues Radio for the month of October 2006.

9/14/06: We are pleased to announce that "Take The Gamble" has made its debut in the #10 spot on the Living Blues Magazine radio charts!

7/26/06: Dave's new album, "Take The Gamble", makes its debut on the Roots Music Report radio charts in the #31 spot.

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